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Tell me why when the sun does come out does my body reject being in it. Somehow my body has got out of sync with night and day without doing anything. I suppose it is just one of those things that you get used to. But I suck at that, my brain is always telling me that I am fine and that I can do anything. Then reality hits but my brain will not listen. It is a strange feeling trying to prove your brain wrong, telling myself I can’t do something is the opposite to how I have lived my life. In other words it feels massively wrong and I hate it and me for being ill. Today’s plan is to get outside in the sun and try to get some rays in my life. Not to be overrun by thoughts of exercise or work and all that stress. To live here with my little moments with the precious things that make my small world wonderful, my wife and my little baby girl. Just need to get out of bed 😀


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