Staying Active – Mentally

It has been a hard last week with doctors and being ill at the same time. On the lighter side of life the weather has been better which helps. So I have been trying to find ways of getting through the day, filling my time. It is not easy as I find it hard to concentrate and I am uncomfortable and tired. YouTube, the news, films, online surveys and competitions have all played there part. Not that I win anything, but better to be in it than not is my reasoning. I also have a couple of apps that send me tasks in the local area. Some are for at home and make my day even for a short while exciting and interesting. The best one is clic and walk as it is short and easy to follow. I am pondering recording vlogs for YouTube but I think better of it as my consistenticy is lacking with the ups and downs at the moment. But alas the day is new, today’s target is to get out of the house for a small walk and see the sun. 

Here is a picture of my little girl joining me on the sofa for some cuddles and making my day 😀


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