When You Need A Perk Up

Most mornings I must admit even without CFS I found it hard to get up, a lazy duvet hugging man I am😊.  Now they seem 10 times worse, but I find that it is best not to think about it. So I start with finding the positive, which at number 1 is I am alive. Next comes the family and friends around me and so on. I find this helps take the focus away from my brain and body of the pains and complaints being offered. Not completely away but gives me something else to focus on and distracts the mind. Now I know that different people suffer from varying levels of disability / pain / uncomfort but this helps me to start the day in a more positive frame of mind so bear with me. I find it easier if I can get out of bed, but I take this slowly as I never know which way I will end up walking or if my body agrees. And if I need a pick me up or a bit of redirection I find a positive picture or memory that I have stored on my phone to make me smile or laugh. I have included a picture of my baby girl who makes me smile but this picture takes it to a different level. Try and find your positives, record them and any pictures or videos so that you can access them when needed. I try and make sure people see the world in a positive light so if you can on Twitter or Instagram use #postpositivepics to me @cfsandmee and let’s show the world there is more to us than an illness. And if course a big shout out to my little lady hopefully spreading some smiles to you. This was her face when I said smile πŸ˜€


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